Michael Metcalf has been an artistic person his whole life; he started his art career in the early nineties in Washington State by opening a business called Everything Under the Sun. From birdhouses to greenhouses selling at farmers markets to Nordstroms and being featured in Country Living magazine Michael's business was thriving. Michael and his family began a new adventure and moved to the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona where he built custom homes. After a few years of soaking up the Arizona sun, the Metcalf family packed up and moved to the East Coast. In Maryland, Michael took a break from his artistic career to focus on his family, from coaching soccer teams to drawing with his daughter. Then in 2010, he began work as a facility manager for Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore, while there he designed and created unique sculptures made from beer collectables. Working for Max’s gave Michael the right connections in Baltimore that he needed to become a full time artist. Currently his studio space is in Creative Labs, co-founded by Michael, a collective art warehouse to inspire and support artists in Baltimore. Michael runs a workshop that is designed for creative collaborative hands on art projects. Community clean ups, lectures, and sustainable practices are the core to his weekly classes. Everyday Michael creates colorful and inspirational artwork to spread awareness for using second hand material.


Michaela Metcalf has followed in the footsteps of her father by pursing the dream of becoming an artist. In high school Michaela took as many art classes as possible which included; performing arts, paintings, drawing, ceramics, jewelry and metalwork classes. Finding love in wheel throwing, drawing and painting she continued these passions into college. Now in her second year of college, Michaela plans to study art in Florence, Italy in the spring, and graduate with her Bachelors in Fine Arts in 2021.


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